Wedding joy and grandeur


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

In Heaven, there is no physical marriage between a man or a woman, but the final and spiritual marriage which will be taking place there between the Lord Jesus and His bride His people or so the Bible confirms. So for people of the Christian faith, this once-in-a-lifetime event is celebrated on Earth with much merriment.

This was indeed what happened to my eldest son Jethro and Charmaine, his girlfriend of 10 years, when they tied the knot at the Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Pulong Buhangin, Sta. Maria, Bulacan last November 11, in ceremonies officiated by Fr. Irvin Hizon.

And it couldn’t have happened at a better time: the easing of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions following a fall in the number of cases nationwide had allowed churches in Bulacan to open their doors to 30 percent of their members. This enabled a banner crowd to witness one of the happiest moments in my son’s life.

As in all weddings, the established marching protocol was followed: the entourage of the maid of honor came first, followed by that of the best man, ring bearer, flower girl, groom’s parents, groomsmen and bridesmaids, sponsors of the groom and bride, and finally the bridal entourage, with the parents escorting the bride to the groom, who in turn takes her to the rostrum, where Fr. Hizon delivered God’s message to the couple.

In that message, the priest reminded the couple, Jeth and Charm, to friends and family that wedding rites would last only an hour, but their union was supposed to last a lifetime that would include hardship, difficulties, pain and sacrifice.

Through all the trials and tribulations that married life would bring, they were expected to stick it out through thick and thin, make God the center of their relationship and obey His command to love each other, as well as their children. The husband is expected to love his wife as Christ loves His church while the wife must submit to her husband’s authority.

Following all the merrymaking and picture taking at the end of the church ceremony, wedding guests proceeded to Uncle’s Events Place for the reception, where they were greeted with joyous music and an expertly emceed program.

Sumptuous food was laid out on the tables, of the principal participants: the bride and groom and their families and sponsors, while their friends and guests would pose for a photograph with the newlywed couple and afterwards got their own foods shoved in the kitchen utensils parading along the corner of the venue. Amid the merriment, there was much backslapping, handshaking, hugs and picture taking.

With the emcee fielding the questions to the bride and groom before an enthralled audience, the couple took turns narrating the story of their long courtship, which began when one of Charm’s friends introduced Jeth to her on November 11, 2011.

Soon after, the two became sweethearts and had their first date in San Alfonso, Batangas. Their last date before the wedding was a memorable tour of Taiwan.

Their romance was not a bed of roses, with the usual lovers’ quarrels that could make or break a relationship taking place every now and then. But the teary-eyed reconciliation that would follow every quarrel only served to strengthen their bond and make their relationship solid as a rock.

This was followed by messages and reminders from the couple’s parents, including me. Quoting Ephesians 5:22-32, I cited the Lord’s four commands to each of them on how to make their marriage a success.

For Jeth, he should love Charm unconditionally as Christ loves His people, be a good provider, be his family’s protector, and cherish Charm for life.

This means that Jeth must love Charm not just for the moment but for all time, be hardworking and responsible in providing all of her needs, protect Charm and their future children at all cost, and always remember to bring her gifts, especially on birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions.

For Charm, she should be Jeth’s helper, submit to him, be always prayerful, and respect him at all times. This means that Charm should remain at Jeth’s side and be his partner in whatever he was doing, avoid nagging him and making him an errand boy, pray for him and their future offspring to protect them from Satan and his minions, edify him in public and remain faithful to him.

This, I explained, is what marriage is all about.

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