US election fever just like Covid19


THE WAY I SEE IT | Susan Amoroso

The world is watching the United States national election results as if it were their very own. Sitting U.S. President Donald J. Trump against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Biden was vice-president of Barack Obama for eight years and was in public office for 47 years. Many people around the world are praying and hoping Trump wins. For nationalist populist people around the world, even if they are not U.S. citizens, countless from all over are saying Trump is the only world leader who is holding back the reign of the global elite.

Both camps claim victory. The election turn-outs are getting feverish with voting fraud elements being mixed in. Voting fraud is being hurled at the Democrats.

These are some of the reactions: “Why is it that in Democrat strongholds, counting was suddenly stopped especially when Trump was ahead of 700k votes (like in Philadelphia)?

“Why is it that Biden whose rallies did not even get a hundred in attendance was getting more votes even former US President Barack Obama at the height of his popularity did not get?’’

“Trump rallies were relentless and filled the rafters with 20k to 50k attendees. Trump signs were everywhere even in the state where Biden live.’’

“They quit counting when Trump was ahead of several hundred thousand votes, when they resumed, Trump was losing.’’

“This is a corrupt election. I did not think this is happening in the United States.’’

“I don’t understand how Biden won in Miami. I drive all over Miami and I’ve seen nothing but Trump supporters. This has to be voter fraud.’’
Joe Biden was ahead during the early mail-in voting but when voting in person were counted Trump numbers surged especially during the election day itself. It is perplexing however the counting stopped especially in the swing states. Trump supporters are crying foul over alleged massive voter fraud.

Meanwhile, Biden is saying to his supporters, just be patient. We will win. Is this an implied call that they need more time to cheat more? My personal opinion.

The Democrats pushed for mail-in ballots and sent in unsolicited mail-in ballots. Soon after there were reported cases of ballot harvesting and ballots in the trash.

“In swing states such as Michigan, 198,000 votes appeared for Biden all at once when they resumed counting.’’ This scenario Trump supporters say is being seen in swing states.

“There are more votes in crucial states than there are registered voters! And in these states Biden is winning.’’

As a practicing Catholic, pro-life, pro-democracy there is no way I would ever go for a radical-left political party like the Democrat who believes in late-term abortion, pushing for LGBTQ -same sex unions agenda, higher taxes, Marxist-communist ideology and godless society.

The radical Democrat left in complicit with mainstream media have been hurling negatives against Trump for allegedly mishandling the pandemic. I personally disagree. Early on Trump stopped international flights coming from China to stop the spread of the disease. Biden and Nancy Pelosi called Trump a xenophobe. Trump immediately mobilized U.S. manufacturers to produce masks and ventilators and therapeutic medicines that have been found to benefit Covid patients to full recovery especially if taken during the early onset of the symptoms. These medicines include hydroxycholoqine, an anti-malaria drug which has been in the market for 50 years and also an antibiotic, the azithromycine. A new anti-viral drug remdesivir is available too. A vaccine is now under development and testing stage to be made available to the American people soon.

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