To vax or not to vax


To vax or not to vax | Susan Amoroso

What is the new global reset? Is the world ready for a vaccine that was created to promote a global agenda of control? Will the time come when a person is barred from travelling, from doing business like buying or selling, from entering certain establishments for one reason alone? He was not vaccinated with the anti-covid-19 vaccine.

Why the rush for a vaccine against the coronavirus? The big pharma industry is racing to the hilt to come up with a vaccine against Covid-19. Two are neck to neck in the vaccine race. Pfizer and Moderna.

Yesterday as I was finishing an article, I read that the United Kingdom already approved and ordered 40 million doses of Pfizer-BioNtech coronavirus vaccine. The U.K. authorities told its state-sponsored media network BBC that the vaccine will be arriving next week, enough to inoculate 20 million Britons. The Pfizer vaccine is administered in two doses. The news is startling to me personally as it sends a signal that the new normal for the western world is a vaccinated population. In fact, the headline story says the U.K. is the first western country to authorize the vaccine for use by the general population.

It seems to me the scenario is predictable, considering that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized and was in intensive care due to Covid-19 a few months ago. Luckily, he survived and was out of the hospital days later. This was the pre-vaccine period.

Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock told BBC that the vaccine will be distributed through Britain’s state-funded health system, the National Health Service. This means the vaccine is free for U.K.’s general population. How convenient!

Meanwhile, US pharma firm Moderna reported a 94.1 percent efficacy for its mRNA vaccine in its phase 3 trial with no severe side effects.

Of the 196 Covid-19 cases in the trial tests, none of those vaccinated developed severe symptoms such as respiratory failure or shock; acute renal failure and death.

Phase 3 determined the vaccine is well-tolerated and safe. Adverse effects of the vaccine were mild such as pain in the injection site, headache, muscle and joint aches. These effects are self-limiting and generally go away within a day or two after injection, which is common in vaccines.

The US-FDA plans to roll out the Moderna mRNA vaccine before Christmas this year giving priority to health care workers, police and fire staff and other essential workers.

Here in the Philippines, the country’s FDA is just about ready to certify the efficacy of the local herbs such as lagundi and tawa-tawa and the virgin coconut oil as a deterrent against Covid-19.

One medical doctor told me that the best way to combat Covid-19 is a healthy immune system.

Since the virus is so small, it is always present in the air. The very air we breathe may have the virus but an individual with a very strong immune system will not suffer severe symptoms even if he gets exposed to the virus.

As I have always emphasized time and again, get enough sleep, sunlight and exercise. Take your vitamins and minerals particularly vitamin A, B and C in megadoses, zinc and magnesium. A chemist friend who believes in naturopathy advised taking colloidal silver to ward off viruses and bacteria.
In this pandemic time, vaccine or no vaccine life goes on. But let us not forget that the mortality rate of this most dreaded and much media-hyped virus is less than one per cent. Recovery rate is 99 .9 percent. My question is, do we still need the vaccine?

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