To be thankful always is God’s will


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

When we are thankful to anyone who has done good to us for sure it is the will of God for doing it even without knowing it.
Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in everything for this is the will of God.”

There are people in my mind that I should be thankful but due to space constraints, only few could I mention and perhaps others don’t want it as they prefer to be anonymous as God wants them to be blessed in return.
First, I’m so thankful for Rialyn Monteloyola, of the BDO Sta. Lucia, Cainta Branch, very cooperative and much willing to assist me for the replacement of my ATM card for my first card was eaten by the machine.

I lost it because when I checked up if I had already the money deposited in my BDO account from my officemate and found it none, I immediately left the machine forgetting to exit it as I huddled with my wife who was then inside a mall to purchase food items for our consumption.

When my officemate texted me that he had already deposited the money then I went back to the BDO machine to get the money. I found out that there was no ATM card in my wallet and I realized then thatI failed to get it back from the machine.

Then I sought the help from the mall personnel to call on BDO and reported the losing ATM card and I was able to talk to the BDO man on the other line and he asked my personal background and then he blocked my account that no one was able to withdraw from it.

He told me also to go to the main office where I got my BDO ATM card for replacement.

There I approached one of BDO employees if Shiela Autor Atayde, BDO Cainta Branch Manager and my former neighbor and friend, if she was around and told me that she went out but the employee referred me to Rialyn.

I sensed that she heartily assisted me to replace my ATM card and when she finished doing it, the branch manager came and I told her about the flaws but it was already fixed by Rialyn.

I can surmise that there are still good people or even god-fearing folk who are still alive, especially those employees in the banks and commercial establishments unlike those people in the government offices in general will only extend help to you when they can get something in return.

To Rialyn and Shiela, I express my heartfelt thanks for your being so kind and responsible employees of BDO to your customers like me. God bless you all, along with your family and loved ones!

If you want to be prayed for your problems or anything, including healing or deliverance, you can contact Arman Abad 0932- 8557316; Pablo de Leon 0949-4783478; and Virginia de Penoza 0926-9173771.

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