Biblical prophecies on end of days (1)

Of course, nobody knows when the day and the hour that our Lord Jesus will come back on earth even He Himself admitted it while He was still in Jerusalem but only His Father in Heaven knew it (Matthew 24:36).

But the signs and the times have been revealed by the prophets and the Lord Jesus in the Holy Scripture or the Bible for believers to be prepared for Jesus coming.

Right then and there when the earthly father and mother of human race Adam and Eve disobeyed God through the deception of Satan in the Garden of Eden by eating from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God already declared an enmity or hostility against Satan and humanity.

God said through the woman seed (referring to the Messiah who is the Lord Jesus) He will bruise the head of Satan and the serpent (referring to Satan) will bruise the heel of the Lord Jesus’ feet (Genesis 3:15).

Eve seed through the Messiah and His people the Israelites and eventually the Gentile believers are at loggerheads of Satan’s seed referring also to fallen angels, who joined with his rebellion against God, together with demons or evil spirits and occult or witchcraft.

God has a covenant with Israel as His chosen nation through Abraham, that through him all the nations of the world will be blessed (Genesis 12:2; 18:17).

This was so as Jesus Christ came from the lineage of King David of Israel as an earthly father because as being the Second Person in the Godhead, He has no beginning and end for God has existed in eternity.

Eternity is beyond time, above time or timeless and is another mode of existence.

God committed to give Canaan to Abraham’s lineage as their land and this happened after 400 years when the cup of iniquity of the people living in that land was full (Genesis 15:16).

This was called Israel then and its capital city was Jerusalem. But because of the Israelites’ sins and iniquities of disobeying God’s laws and statutes, God has allowed the Jews or Israelites to be invaded, killed, exiled to the land of their enemies like Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medes-Persia, Greece and Rome.

Two times, the Israelites were in exile first in Assyria and Babylon in 500 BC to 600 BC and second in 70 A.D by the Roman Empire.

Then the holocaust occurred and about 6 million Jews were killed by despot Adolf Hitler of Germany.

As a result the Jews came back to their land and on May 14, 1948 Israel became a nation again in just a day.

This was God’s promise to them to bring them back on the land which He gave to Abraham thousand years ago (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 31:7-12; Jeremiah 16:14-15).

A six-day war in 1967, the Jews had recovered Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

In 1989, through the effort of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev and US President Ronald Reagan, the Jews were granted to go home to Israel. 

All the events that happened to Israelites or the Jews were already prophesied thousand years ago which have been fulfilling now in our time.

Satan and his minions won’t like this to happen as they are running out of time or have short time to rule the folks of this world who have no personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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