Thank you gov’t, Philhealth is working


THE BREADWINNER | Mario F. Fetalino Jr.

Three key members of the family were hospitalized recently. I was the first followed by a sister and then a nephew.

Each of us was confined for a week. Aside from our fate, we were worried about hospital bills.

I was discharged first and got the shock of my life upon learning my bill was more than P400,000.

But I was so relieved when the final statement showed only a little more than 15 percent of the tab would be payable because Philhealth settled the rest.

That’s awesome!

My nephew, who got out last, was charged more than P300,000. Philhealth helped again to cut his bill down to only P20,000 plus. He left the hospital smiling from ear to ear.

I saved the best case of my sister for last because her chit upon discharge was unbelievable at only P480.00.

Yup, it didn’t even reach 500 pesos! It’s because Philhealth came to her rescue and the health insurance company she tapped did its job.
My goodness, she was in a very jolly mood upon reaching home I was even tempted to ask her gifts for Fathers’ Day! But it could send her back to hospital so I didn’t dare to try.

Just kidding sis!

Our common assessment about the wonders in our hospital bills — the government is working.

Persistent claims it’s unresponsive to the needs of the people are big lies.
We love you, Philhealth!

One thing I hate in hospitals – ako ang tinutusok instead of the other way around.

Kidding aside, I met a lot of nurses during my confinement. Some are vaccinated while some are not. But they all show the same courage in taking care of patients.

We won’t probably truly appreciate the sacrifices of frontliners until we engage their services in the ‘war zone’.

When I was there, nurses monitored me all the time. They fed me three times a day and made sure I took the necessary drugs on time for healing.
Nurses and other hospital staff including orderlies work even during unholy hours. Just one push of the button and they’ll be on your side even if you have the deadliest illness on earth.

Thus, it makes me wonder why the Department of Health has delayed the allowances of government medical frontliners.

We’re in a bitter war against Covid 19 that has already claimed so many precious lives and is threatening to take away more if we lose the fight due to weary and hungry frontliners.

Don’t delay their allowances. Like warriors, frontliners can’t win battles if they are not well-fed and fully equipped.

I support health officials in Eastern Visayas who warned the public not to trade momentary feelings of happiness in social gatherings over the infections and deaths brought by the killer virus.

The number of Covid 19 cases in the region reportedly surged in record-breaking fashion.

Earlier, many people from the National Capital Region and nearby provinces trooped to vacation sites and other places of social gatherings.

They should listen to the words of DOH Eastern Visayas: “The fleeting joy and celebration that the public is hopeful about when they meet in social gatherings may cause a dreadful ending for others, especially the vulnerable groups.”

Chances are those who want to stop using face shields don’t know the harrowing experiences of severe Covid 19 victims.

If you’re badly hit by the virus, you have difficulty in breathing, sleeping and eating. Worsening the condition is diarrhea that will cause terrible weight loss.

A victim will stay in the hospital for days and could end up bankrupt after paying the horrendous bill without help from Philhealth and private health insurance companies.

Such dire consequences of catching the deadly virus are scary enough most survivors would ask for more layers of protection on top of the face shield.
I don’t care if a face shield brings discomfort. That’s nothing compared to misery and death.

That’s probably why the government has finally ruled face shields will stay.

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