Satan misrepresents Jesus Christ


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

Satan, the adversary of God, has misrepresented the real Jesus Christ here on earth aimed to deceive the people.

Jesus Christ Himself acknowledges this saying many will come claiming themselves that they are Jesus. And the Jewish Encyclopedia recorded 40 people who had claimed that they were Jesus Christ.

In some religious groups, they also presented Jesus Christ in various objects, pictures and the like to the extent that the pious people have to venerate these things as God or even as Jesus Christ.

One of my friends who is so close to me is now a quack doctor in our province and mentioned the name of Jesus to heal the sick but does not believe that the Bible is the Word of God yet he quoted some verses to prove his point that his healing power has come from the hidden words of God outside from the Scriptures.

Another example that I can cite is my sister in the Lord Jesus who was delivered from the clutches of Satan through a quack doctor who provided her an amulet to wear allegedly for protecting her which in reality her life would be endangered as Satan’s mission here on earth is to steal, kill and destroy in hell.

She said the quack doctor also mentioned the name of Jesus Christ when she sought his help to heal her from nervous, fear and sleepless nights resulting in her body to become skinny.

People are gullible enough to believe in fake Jesus Christ, especially to the person who holds a high religious position in his group or affiliation would preach, teach or perform religious rites or to conduct healing sessions or pray to receive material or physical needs.

They are ignorant of what the Bible teaches about the real and true Jesus Christ as in the first place they don’t read it instead they just delegate the reading and knowledge of the Bible to religious leaders like priest, nun, pastor, evangelist, missionary, among others.

As a result, they are deceived as Satan is described in the Bible as the “world deceiver” and he runs this evil age under his control to the sons of disobedience or the lawless ones.

But through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, He defeated Satan and all his cohorts, death and so forth and entrusted the victory through His people the church or genuine believers to advance God’s Kingdom here on earth through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word that people can be reconciled again to God or save from damnation in hell if they have to repent of their sins and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The warning is clear that if we don’t want to be deceived, we have to read the Bible and if you are still a beginner you have to begin reading in the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation.

You have to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and reveal what God wants you to learn and know and with the attitude of humility and full dependence on Him.

If you do this, you are on the right track and the Lord Jesus Christ will open the eyes of your understanding and you may know the real and true Jesus Christ of the Bible.

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