Prayer has a boundary


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

It is true that the Lord Jesus teaches us to pray as this is so important before God can act.

From the God’s people in ancient times to now prayer cannot be undermined by its efficacy prior to God’s answers or intervention.

Even how important prayer is but it has its boundary with regard to the will of God and His Word.

Jesus Christ made this explicit to His disciples and audience during His discourse in Mt. Olives about the final antichrist’s coming on earth, who will be empowered by Satan to persecute and kill the people of God, especially the Jewish people and the genuine believers for seven years following the peace agreement with Israel and the ten nations.

Then at the 3 ½ years the antichrist will break the pact and impose himself to be worshipped as he claims as god and those who have no marks on their foreheads and right hands of his number 666 and refuse to bow down before him will be beheaded and killed.

The antichrist will profane the temple of God by offering an unclean animal perhaps pig like his predecessor antichrist in 164 B.C. by Antiochus Epiphanes IV of Syria, who set up the Greek god Zeus and offered a pig at the altar of the temple of God in Jerusalem.

According to Jesus, when the city of Jerusalem is surrounded by the armies of the final antichrist the Jewish people should flee to the mountains to escape from being captured and slaughtered.

Jesus quoted also from the writing of Daniel but the Jewish people took for granted what Daniel wrote and those who believed were spared but to those who didn’t were massacred.

In this light, when the Word of God says particularly in the Last Days, the prayers of God’s people should be in agreement with His Word.

As we are living in the End-Time, US is no longer the “world power” in preparatory for the remnant nations of the Roman Empire to rise in power wherein the antichrist will emerge in the scene after the third temple in Jerusalem will be built and the seven years peace accord will be signed between Israel and the 10 nations.

No matter how we have prayed to God for His intervention in the recent elections in the US for President Donald Trump to win over Joe Biden, God’s Word would prevail as He would like to end this evil age run by Satan.
Our job now is to reach out the lost as there is still time before the emerging of the final antichrist.

Although in tribulation, God has to use the two witnesses and the 144,000 Jewish people to evangelize the world though millions of people will be converted to Jesus but they will be slaughtered.

Then the Lord Jesus will come along with all the saints and angels in Heaven to earth and fight the antichrist, false prophet and all nations which war against Israel and all of them will be defeated.

Antichrist, false prophet will be cast into the lake of fire while their human allies will be killed and Satan will be locked in at the bottomless pit or Abyss for 1000 years and Jesus will establish the Kingdom of God here on earth and also reign together with the people of God in the span of 1000 years.

After 1000 years, Satan will be freed and he will instigate the nations to fight against Jesus and God the Father and the Holy Spirit, and Satan will be devoured by fire and cast into the lake of fire or hell where the antichrist, false prophet and all Satan’s minions and people who have defied the Lordship of Jesus.

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