Power of Christ’s Resurrection


THE SHEPERD | Danilo Q. Junco

The resurrection of Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago is the most powerful that has happened on earth or in the entire universe and even the man-made destructive nuclear or atomic bombs.

Even the cynics who have tried to discredit Jesus’ resurrection but they failed as history has confirmed that Jesus actually had resurrected.

The least evidence of Jesus’ resurrection were the 500 people living in Jerusalem who had seen Him, including with His 12 disciples and later on they were called apostles along with the once persecutor of Christ followers who became outstanding apostle in the person of Saul whose name was changed to Paul.

First and foremost, evidence of Christ’s resurrection is the Bible or the Holy Scriptures from His death, burial and resurrection and ascension to Heaven, His dwelling place.

The prophets in the Old Testament expressed themselves about what would happen but not on them but to Jesus, the coming Messiah or the anointed King of the Jewish people and to Gentile believers.

This was so because they had the Spirit of Christ foretelling in vivid details the events that would take place thousands of years later of Christ’s incarnation, ministry, death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

Apostle Peter said this in I Peter 1:10-12 about this matter for our own benefits that what actually happened to Jesus Christ was already foretold thousands of years ago.

Precisely, His incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension and coming back were already planned before God created the earth and the salvation of Adam’s descendants there in Heaven so it happened not out of the blue or in a spur of the moment (Ephesians 1:4; Acts 2:23).

Like Psalm 71:20 the Psalmist was saying the situation that happened but in reality not to him but to Jesus Christ as the Messiah or the Anointed King of the Jews or Gentile believers, saying, “You, who have shown me great and severe troubles, shall revive me again, and bring me up again from the depths of the earth.”

Another example in Psalm 16:10 King David said this “For You will not leave my soul in Sheol, nor will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption.”

Hosea 6: 1-2 saying “Come, and let us return to the Lord; for He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up. After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight.”

Though primarily the two verses were addressed to the Jewish people who were told to return to God that despite their rebellion and sin, God could forgive and raise them up from their terrible situation and it also referred to the Messiah Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

Why is Christ’s resurrection more powerful than all the rest of the powers here on earth or in the universe?

For one, His resurrection was the first of its kind something happened on earth and no other could do this but only Him.

Prophets Elijah, Elisha, Apostles Peter and Paul were able to raise the dead people but these people ultimately died in the end.

And even the Lord Jesus raised Lazarus who died already for four days to life but Lazarus died again in old age.

Physical death is inevitable to all people and even the Lord Jesus but since He is God and the Son of God, death cannot hold Him.

This death was traced to the sins and rebellion of Adam and Eve for listening and obeying Satan’s instead by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.

God’s word was true when Adam and Eve ate the fruit, their relationship and fellowship with God were cut off spiritually, physically and emotionally.
Jesus’ resurrected body was incorruptible, powerful, glorious and not limited in space and time and eternal.

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