Joy of Christmas sharing


BalikBayani République | Tony Alabastro

Daily cap of 4,000 overseas arrivals prevents thousands of returning Filipinos from flying home for bibingka and puto bumbong as airlines have to cancel international flights.

Fully vaccinated overseas travelers face seven-day quarantine in government-designated facilities. Hotel rooms are running out.

Due to pandemic, government has assisted 803,521 repatriated OFWs with food, quarantine and home region transport since May 2020.

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) is looking for quarantine facilities outside National Capital Region for overseas Filipino workers. With not enough budget hotels, OFWs get 5-star hotel quarantine.

Up to 15,000 overseas OFWs need 15,000 extra hotel rooms daily, says OWWA chief Hans Cacdac.

Bound together as retired teachers and colleagues, Chained Forever mentors do charity work, share, learn and meet virtually during pandemic.
Before coronavirus, five Lady Santa Clauses visit House of Joy for Sick Children in Tayuman, Tondo. A dozen Missionaries of Charity nuns in white sari with three blue stripes tend this orphanage Living Saint Mother Teresa founded in 1986.

“Are we having a party?” small boy asks mentors wearing red blouses and white striped cone hats.

Manang cooks chicken tinola soup and boiled rice in lieu of packed fastfood.

Orphans, sick and abandoned wards play on a steel swing and a see-saw, and run around two full-grown mango trees. Orphanage visitors and donations pour this giving season. After Christmas, donors trickle from February to mid-August.

Inspired by veteran PGH Christmas party host Archie Crisologo Chua’s Facebook posts, Jenny Macapagal of Manuel A. Roxas High School Class ’92 hosts 44 street children.

Sekyu Kuya Jaguar picks Batang Kalye from Plaza Rajah Soliman across Malate Church. and gives December 19 to 24 stubs valid at JB Remedios Malate.

“You will have rice, chicken, hamburger and ice cream,” says host Teacher Tess.

Soft drinks replace ice cream after a 500-float gift order wipes out supply.
Arnold, six, mimics a child’s cry trapped on his first birthday party high chair.

The rest, including babies mothers cradle, queue and get their very own loot bag. Four stubless stragglers get cash.

Children push around ottomans, play spelling bee and sing without microphone in their own party room for two hours.

Amid Delta,Omicron and Odette, PR Guru Charlie A. Agatep celebrates 23 years as college mentor to over 500 students successful in their ex-pertise areas; gives jobs to over 300 employees in 33 years; builds, en-hances and protects reputation of 120 corporate and product brands; shares with others, and learns humanity and forgiveness virtues early.

Groupo Agatep founder marks ninth decade-and-a-year with Facebook appeal to PR & Communications industry for Atty Melvyn Martin, 1977 president of Public Relations Society of the Philippines and ex-Ayala Corporation PR officer.

­Because Melvyn suffered a stroke and uses a finger to tap his laptop, let’s make Christmas a lot brighter with an advance 1K or more deposit gift to Melvyn S. Martin BDO savings account #004-7218-7008 or GCash 0927-464-9234.

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