Jesus is King of kings, Lord of lords


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The kingship of Jesus has started in eternity and it was only revealed when He became man but disowned and rejected by His chosen people or nation Israel.

The Jewish people first rejected God as their King when they asked Samuel who was the judge, priest and prophet of God for a king to rule or reign over them.

Though God previously told Moses while he and the Jews were in the wilderness at that time would come when they would ask for a king.
Time came that the Jews asked Samuel for a king like the kings of other neighboring nations.

God instructed Samuel about the position of a king and his needs that their sons or daughters would serve him, use them to become his warriors, ask him the produce of their lands, among others and told the Jewish people of what the king would demand from them.

Yet they still wanted to have a human king in spite of all the king’s demands and God had chosen Saul, son of Kish.

God through Samuel installed Saul to become the first king of the Jews and changed his heart through the anointing by the Holy Spirit.

Saul did a good job leading the Israelites to defeat their enemies the Philistines as he had obeyed God but later of his reign, he disobeyed God.

Therefore, God replaced Saul by David from the lineage of Judah, the son of Jessie. David obeyed God completely making the best king ever in Israel and in fact the Lord Jesus kingship was traced to David’s kingship despite he committed sins of adultery, murder and pride. He truly repented and turned to God.

King Solomon succeeded David after his death as ruler in Israel for 40 years. But he disobeyed God for having many wives and concubines and his heart was divided and became idolatrous so God judged him.

God’s judgment on Solomon as his heart was divided so his kingdom too would be divided but not at his time but on the next king to his son Rehoboam.

Presto, during Rehoboam’s kingship Israel was divided into two: The Northern Kingdom comprising 10 tribes; and the Southern Kingdom, composed of two tribes Judah, and Benjamin.

Nineteen kings had the Northern Kingdom but all of them were bad, while the Southern Kingdom had 20 and only eight were good.

When these two kingdoms became idol worshippers and involved in all kinds of witchcrafts, God had to punish them by allowing other nations to invade them and bring them into exile of their respective lands.

God through His covenant with Abraham and mercy, He allowed the remnants to return to Israel after 70 years of captivity and exile in Babylon using Cyrus, Persian king, and it was fulfilled.

The prophesied Messiah by various prophets as King of the Jewish people came in the person of the Lord Jesus in Israel yet they did not receive Him as King and instead crucified Him on the cross.

To prove that Jesus Christ was the King of the Jews was his answer to Pontius Pilate asking Him if He were the King of the Jews.

The consequences of the Jewish rejection against their King who is Jesus Christ, God banished them in Israel and scattered them all over the world for 2000 years.

As a covenant-keeping God, He allowed the Jewish people to be back in Israel and on May 14, 1948 Israel again became a nation.

Now, many of the Jewish people recognize that Jesus is their Messiah and as their King who will be back on earth to save them from antichrist and all nations which hate them.

Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords and knee shall bow and every tongue confesses that He is God, Lord and King here on earth and in Heaven. If you want to be prayed for of your problems or anything, including healing or deliverance, you can contact Arman Abad 0932- 8557316; Pablo de Leon 0949-4783478; and Virginia de Penoza 0926-9173771

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