Invest in lambanog


AS IT STANDS | Roman Floresca

The worst seems to be over for the country, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III told US investors in a webinar organized by the Philippine embassy in Washington, D.C.

Look into opportunities in agriculture, digital technology, manufacturing and medical research, Dominguez told American businessmen.

He said investors can take advantage of the recovering economy as well tax perks. The path is clearer to a strong bounce back in 2021, Dominguez said.

Dominguez, who served as agriculture secretary and as environment and natural resources secretary during the time of President Corazon Aquino, said the government expects to see additional improvements in the last quarter of this year as we progressively reopen businesses and transportation.

“We are pushing the use of digital technology to transform Philippine agriculture into a dynamic, high growth sector. With the United States being one of world’s greatest food producers, we see immense potential benefit in having American investments in this area,” Dominguez said.

“This is a good time for US firms that are looking to diversify their supply chains to see the Philippines as a viable source of intermediate products and services,” he added.

Now is probably one of the best times to go for a marketing salvo to invite international investors to come and invest in the country. We have seen how many investors left the country in a hurry as soon as news of the pandemic struck.

After having parked those funds for sometime and after having no activity the businessmen are now ready to put their money to work. And what better work is there than to come invest in agriculture.

Yes agriculture, what better investment can a businessman have than to invest in something that one can have? Our agriculture is so sorry it doesn’t have enough funds to keep it going.

Take coconut, for instance. Coconut has so many uses that it is sometimes called the Tree of Life. Coconut liquor for one needs a production line that can rival the more sophisticated wine houses in the world.

Lambanog, for instance, has been with us since I can remember. And what do we have? The same old way it is being served is still the way it is served today.

I have tasted lambanog and I think it can have a better tinge in the international market. The problem is that our system is still crude and unsanitary. Why not put some money into it and give it a new twist. I’m sure that with a new paradigm we can see a better lambanog.

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