I have a wish


FAIR COMMENT | Alito L. Malinao

I wish that with divine intercession, the plague would disappear as suddenly as it appeared and life would return to normal.

I wish that my grandkids will visit us again and bring laughter to our house as the little girl plays the organ and her little brother sings a tuneless melody. It is sad that with the plague we now seldom see the kids.

I wish that I would again have coffee with friends in our favorite coffeeshop, exchange pleasantries with them and reminisce about the good old days and with sadness remember our friends who have gone ahead of us.

I wish that my wife and I can resume attending masses and without the face mask can again say “Peace be with you” to our seatmates without the fear of being infected by the virus.

I wish that the malls will be fully opened again so that the children, including my grandkids, can play again and laugh and run and shout to their hearts’ content.

I wish to see young lovers holding hands or embracing again in parks enjoying the wonders of nature and the gift of being able to love and be loved.

I wish to see theaters opened again so that young lovers can watch movies without actually watching and seniors like us can go without having to pay to probably just want to rest our tired eyes.

I wish that our children will be back in classrooms in their uniforms learning from their teachers and noisily chatting during off school hours because that is their nature as young kids.

I wish that there will be no longer a need for community pantries or giving of ayudas with long queues where a few people have collapsed due to fatigue because the husbands will now have their jobs back along with their incomes no matter how meager.

I wish that we no longer have to wear face masks or face shields that sometimes suffocate us and hide the smile and beauty of young ladies.
I wish that I and the grandkids will be able to go to the beach again, for us not necessarily to swim but just to feel the texture of the sand and breath fresh even if it is a salty sea breeze.

I wish that we can travel again to visit our siblings in the U.S. which we used to do before or, if not, just to visit our home village of Hagnaya in the northernmost tip of Cebu, perhaps for the last time.

I wish that our politicians, particularly those in the opposition, will stop mouthing gobbledygook and instead work to alleviate our people’s suffering.

I wish that China, even if it continues to ignore the 2016 arbitral ruling, will stop bullying its neighbors, particularly the Philippines, and as a world power should behave like a civilized nation and not as a backward country ruled by barbarians and warlords.

I wish that President Duterte smiles again and crack self-deprecating jokes, stop cursing, ignore his enemies, just work for the good of the country and just let history judge him.

Lastly, I wish that I and my wife, now in our late seventies, would, with God’s benevolence, be given a few more years so that we can see our grandchildren grow.

I hope that all my wishes come true. Inshaallah.

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