Hope springs eternal


THE WAY I SEE IT | Susan Amoroso

A retired chemical engineer sent me this message:
“If you love your children, train them to eat real food, not crap. Whatever their health problems in the future started with you parents.

Don’t ask why healthy foods are so expensive. Ask why junk food is so cheap. Civilized society is selling poison. Uncivilized society sells real food. First, they create the problem, then sell you the solution.

Eat like your life depends on it. Medicine is not health care. Food is health care. It’s time we see it for what it is.’’

With regard to the impending vaccination of the whole race as the only solution to develop herd immunity from the coronavirus, as per the advice which sounds like more of an admonition of the World Health Organization (WHO), I dare ask: Is it to protect the world’s population or for an entirely hidden agenda?

Many doctors and scientists have come out to denounce the media hype about how deadly the coronavirus is. They say statistics show this covid-19 pandemic that originated from Wuhan, China has killed less than one percent of the world’s population. The recovery rate is 99 percent.

For nearly eight months the whole world reeled from the lockdowns and quarantining of entire communities because of this pandemic. This has resulted in the financial collapse of economies around the globe. Early this month WHO declared that lockdowns are not anymore necessary and economies must open up.

Recently I saw on video an entire length of business establishments which have existed for decades shuttered and may not reopen again. This scenario is being repeated in many famous cities such as London and New York.

Here in the Philippines, I heard that a giant mall conglomerate has offered hefty discounts on rentals, as much as 70 percent just so their big clients will remain open despite the scant traffic and nearly zero customers.

The other day I saw a number of restaurants in my favorite mall with no customers at noontime. I cringe inside my heart, imagining the financial losses and desperation the owners are experiencing.

Two weeks ago, this same mall offered a wide central activity area for free to exhibitors to showcase plants, veggies and specialty organic health food products such as organic ginger tangladmansi and a green juice made of Philippine veggies and fruits which the owner/producer call Pinoy Green Juice, Pinoy Red Juice, and Pinoy Yellow Juice. One exhibitor offers bottles of virgin coconut oil which was processed using the fresh-wet method that retains all the nutrients and antioxidant qualities of the coconut.

Yesterday after typhoon Quinta lashed at Eastern and Western Visayas and Bicol region, one of our staff texted me asking for financial help as her father was rushed to the hospital who suffered a stroke. Apparently, her farmer- father became so heartbroken that Quinta wiped away his fields planted to rice and other vegetables which were almost ready for harvest in two weeks’ time.

Boracay, the haven for tourists. was not spared as my lady friend who is a retired teacher reported that the entire roof of her house was blown away. She is now at a loss where to get the money to replace the roof. The tourism business has been nil in Boracay since March due to the lockdown. Her savings are already wiped out. She also had taken a loan against her pension to pay for the household expenses.

Let us pray that after the storm, calm and prosperity follow. Christmas is just two months away and I await the warmth and joy of the yuletide season. Cheers! All is not lost. As long as there is life, hope and joy springs eternal. A blade of green grass can spring and grow out of the cracks of the concrete jungle of life.

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