Goodbye old ways


AS ITS STANDS | Roman Floresca

How things have changed since we had this coronavirus pandemic scare. It does seem only yesterday that we were so used to doing many things without thinking how our actions might affect others.

It feels like ages ago when we could pat the back of a friend or hug and shower with kisses someone close to us.

Nor could we see those school services running about and depositing their loads of children to their school.

Or maybe we have forgotten how it is to dress up early in the morning so we can get to the office in time. We cannot ride a jeepney because there isn’t one plying its route anymore.

Nor could anyone convince us to mount a bicycle because it’s too dangerous for us to try it here in Metro Manila with all those vehicles and pedestrians walking around to crowd us out in these streets where bicycles do not even have a lane.

Maybe you are one of those middle management executives who round up all his division chiefs in a huddle so that you could give them a lecture on how it is to be where you are now.

Or do you spend some hours in front of your laptop receiving reports from your subordinates who are only too glad they don’t have to go to the office.
Do you have to go to the grocery store or the supermarket and suffer those long lines of people waiting for their turn at the cashier?

Or have you learned the use of your phone and order everything you need? The problem with this is that you have to make do with what the grocer gives you. Like what happened to us a lot of times. The bunch of vegetables he gave us was supposed to be fresh, but they were interspersed with rotten ones inside. Another time they gave us an electric fan with one important piece lacking. We had to wait one full week until they made the correction before we could use the fan.

Maybe you would want to celebrate your birthday or Thanksgiving or Christmas with your friends and relatives. Well, maybe things will get more relaxed in about five or ten months from now.

Perhaps you just want to pass the time with your buddies in a small café, or just amble around with your wife by the shore on a lazy afternoon.
Whatever it is you have in mind, it is time perhaps for all of us to say goodbye to our old ways and say hello to the new ones.

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