God’s love is eternal


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

Nobody can define or understand the word and meaning of love unless he himself has come across with it or experienced it.

Although the Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as an intense feeling of affection to an object be it a man or a woman or something else but as we trace the origin or the creator of this word love is ended up to God.

Based on the Holy Scriptures, God loves mankind right there in creation, He created the light, the firmament or the sky, the land and the seas, the sun, moon, stars or the universe, the trees, the flora, the fauna, among others before He created Adam and Eve.

If you have noticed in Genesis 1 and 2, God prepared beforehand everything like air, sunlight, fruit bearing trees, fish, birds, domestic animals and so forth for sustenance and benefits of Adam and Eve and their descendants, including now the 7.8 billion people all over the world.

Actually, God’s love has started there in Heaven and has translated here on earth even when Adam’s descendants rebelled and sinned against God.

The love of God to all people despite their rebellion and sins still there and never has gone.

What only He has required for the sinful mankind is to repent from their all sins and rebellions and come back to God for He is willing to receive and restore them.

For those who have repented of their sins and received forgiveness for putting their trust in the Lord Jesus, then there is nothing for them to fear as God is on their side.

God has never abandoned His people in thin and in thick He is always there to help, sustain and protect them.

Jesus said “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.” And the best proof apart from creation that God loves His people is the Cross where Jesus was hanged and died and His precious, sinless blood gushed out from His body to redeem mankind from damnation in hell.

His death is backed up by His resurrection to defeat Satan and all his cohorts and to give again this authority and power to His people the “Ecclesia or the Church” to snatch out or deliver the people from the claws and clutches of Satan and his minions from eternal torment.

God’s love cannot be measured in terms of our merits that even if we have failed Him His love still continues provided that we only recognize and are willing to ask God for forgiveness and turn away from the evil things we have done.

There is nothing to add for the love of God for us as it is eternal, absolute and complete and whatever our situation is God is there as He loves us.

Though in Greek love has six meanings like agape or divine love; eros or love of opposite sex; philia or brotherly love, storge or love of parents and children; philautia or self-love opposite to selfishness but taking care of self; and xenia or love for guests or strangers or being hospitable.

So, we can differentiate love according to its category but on top of this, the agape love or the love of God is the greatest of them all. If you want to be prayed for your problems or anything, including healing or deliverance, you can contact Arman Abad 0932-8557316; Pablo de Leon 0949-4783478; and Virginia de Penoza 0926-9173771.

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