God’s judgment is frightening


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

Nations are in quandary on what vaccines they are going to buy of their respective people to spare their lives from the dreaded coronavirus disease or Covid 19.

Our nation is not exempted on what vaccines we need as President Duterte is determined to get the Chinese vaccines for our people or for us.
In fact, one of China’s leaders came to the Philippines and signed off a document that China would give a grant of the vaccines for a number of Filipinos.

Reports have it that Pfizer vaccine killed 29 seniors in Norway after they were inoculated. Supposed to be this vaccine is one of the most reliable as it is manufactured from the United States but with what happened in Norway, people think otherwise.

No one really can be assured that all these vaccines which are manufactured hastily are 100 percent guaranteed to preserve our lives and the preservation of life is the most important consideration for all of us.
We know that the life span of man’s life during Moses’ time up to now is between 70 to 80 years old but if he has still the strength his life can be extended to 90 or more than 100 years old.

All people will die and not one will last forever physically as the Bible says because of the sins committed by our first parents Adam and Eve.
As man is a triune being comprising body, soul and spirit, his body only is subjected to death and eventually decay but his soul and spirit are forever or never taste death.

Man’s destination when he dies physically is dependent on whether he has repented his sins and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior while he is still alive here on earth.

When he does it, man is assured to be with Jesus throughout eternity but if he weren’t, he would surely go to eternal torment in hell.

There are only two destinations for man after he dies, he will either go to Heaven or to hell and this is now the opportune time for him to decide which place he will go.

Salvation is not what religion do you belong but only in the atoning death of Jesus Christ of the Bible and resurrection. Jesus, who is God in the Second Person of the Godhead, came to earth in the form of man only to experience the lowly state of man and suffer in the hands of men for our own sake that we will never go to the eternal torment in hell, a place prepares for Satan and all his cohorts or minions.

In the final judgment of God to mankind and to Satan and his followers, it is so fearsome as they will devour by fire to be thrown out into the eternal burning sulfur or fire in hell.

It is true that God is merciful, compassionate, loving and kind but He is also holy, just, truthful, and righteous and in the end all people who have not surrendered their lives to Jesus will also be cast into the lake of fire or hell.
The Bible says that it is fearsome to fall into the hands of God if you have no relationship with Jesus and even to those who are very religious because being religious and religion cannot save us.

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