God judges harshly defectors


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

Defectors can happen either in politics or in Jesus Christ Church. In politics those who have defected their parties can only be given lighter punishments like cutting off the privileges, support and affiliations.

In Christ Church is a different matter as those who have defected are called apostates or apostasy meaning that they have already experienced the goodness of God and His grace and yet they backed out and renounced their faith and even the Lord Jesus.

Apostle Paul mentioned this in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2:3 that in the Last Days before Christ will come here on earth there will be falling away or so-called Christians who backed off or renounced their faith and the Lord Jesus. Those who have fallen away are called apostates.

In Moses’ time, God has instructed the punishment of those who have committed sins of worshipping other gods or idols, or the sun or moon or any of the host of heaven which He did not command them to do, death was the sentenced given by God provided that the accusations against the culprits were verified by two or three witnesses (Deuteronomy 17:2-6).

Much more to those so-called Christian apostates, God’s punishment against them is sure and severe because they have scorned Jesus’ death on the cross and insulted the work of the Holy Spirit of regenerating them.

This is the contention of the writer of Hebrews Chapter 6:4-6 that those in the state of apostasy would put in mockery the death of Jesus as Jesus could no longer be put to death for the second time to forgive them.

This is also a great insult to the Holy Spirit’s works for making them born again or born of God or born from above or in theological parlance “regeneration.”

Here in the book of Hebrews, the writer encourages the disciples of Jesus Christ majority of them are Jews not to give up their faith despite the sufferings they have encountered through persecution, even put to death and the delay of Jesus Christ of His second advent here on earth.

The early disciples of Jesus Christ may have thought as to whether their faith in Christ is doable as still He has not come to rescue or even avenge against their detractors or persecutors and killers.

To put this in our time now, perhaps many so-called Christians are wandering when this coronavirus disease will end as the people or nations of the world are affected and as a result of this virus more than 5 million died and close to 300 million were infected.

Majority of the people are jobless, micro businesses are closed, many committed suicides or others are getting insane, and there is no guarantee that the world will become normal again. In fact, it is labelled as “new normal” and the people are in jittery thinking that one day they may be infected with Covid-19 pandemic and have no money to defray their hospitalization and can even survive.

Others are thinking what good should they get of putting their faith in Jesus when life seems so volatile and the future is dim or bleak. Their loved ones died due to the plague and they don’t know where to get their food every day.

All the things that are happening now are already prophesied by our Lord Jesus and the Bible. One thing is sure that God is in control and nothing happens on earth without His permission.

As we are living in the Last Days, the more we can be sure that the Lord Jesus coming is very near and as people of God we don’t lose sight that our complete salvation is drawing near.

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