God is in control of everything on earth


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

God is not surprised when things go wrong here on earth as being omniscient or knowing everything before it happens, He has alternatives already to counter all the evils perpetrated by Satan and 1/3 of the angels who rebelled against Him for the sake of His creations, especially mankind.

The incarnation of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, Christ ministry, death, resurrection, ascension and His coming back on earth, the ingathering of the Jews, the salvation of the Gentiles, the tribulation lead by antichrist, the false prophet, the rapture, the battle of Armageddon, the judgment of Satan and all his cohorts or minions and the final judgment of the unbelievers called as the White Throne Judgment, the coming of the new earth and new heavens and the ushering of the state of eternal heaven had been already planned there in Heaven by God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit before all these events happened and others still to happen in the future on earth.

All the events that are happening now or to be occurring have already been known by God and all these are in the hands of God as He is Sovereign or He is in full control of all these things as He is all powerful or Almighty and no one can stop or thwart of what He is doing.

We are only comforted by the truths that God is love, merciful, generous, humble, the giver of life but at the same time He is holy, righteous, just, full of truth and He hates sins and unrighteousness.

For those who disregard His laws, ordinances, and offer of forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ who died an excruciating pain on the cross, the worst form of punishment that belongs only to slaves and criminals, they certainly go to eternal torment in Hell.

The punishment of sins is death and the reason why all people will die physically aside from being cut off from God spiritually and the only remedy to be reconciled to God again is through the sacrificial death of His only Begotten Son Jesus on the cross to pay the penalty and all the repercussions that sins bring to mankind.

As all humankind have sinned or rebelled against God and they are under the grip and power of Satan under his kingdom of darkness, through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross 2000 years ago and if a man or a woman repents from their sins and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior they are saved and be liberated from Satan’s domain.

The Holy Week celebration comprising the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is based on the Jewish calendar known as Abib and changed to Nisan in the month of March-April and this is the reason why we celebrate on April 1-4.

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we celebrate Christ birth on Dec. 25 though it is not the exact date as an inference from the Bible and His death in reference to the Passover feast dating to Nisan—as concurred in the Bible—the deliverance of the Jewish people by God from Pharaoh of Egypt through the blood of the lamb typified by the blood of Jesus poured out for the forgiveness of mankind.

Now the Lord Jesus Christ is reigning the universe and here on earth through His people through worship, praise, prayer, reaching out the lost and deliverance of people possessed by demons or demonic spirits and all kinds of problems beset upon them.

But the final reign of Christ here on earth when He comes back to judge Satan, all his cohorts and sets up God’s Kingdom here on earth for 1000 years and death and hades will be thrown out into the lake of fire or hell and He will be with His redeemed people, obedient angels, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit for eternity.

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