Ex-vegan “cured” by meat diet


Filipina Asra Conlu, a former vegetarian for two decades and a vegan for one year, has traded an all-greens diet for meat and animal fats, claiming that this type of diet cured her ailments.

LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, long considered “bad” cholesterol due to its tendency to build up in one’s arteries, is the hero in this carnivorous diet, according to Conlu.

Citing research done by US-based cardiologist and keto diet proponent Dr. Nadir Ali, Conlu said: “High LDL cholesterol actually is protective against infection. It regulates hormones in our body and is highly linked to longevity.”

Conlu’s new diet, which she records on her YouTube channel, is mainly all about eating large amounts of animal fat each day. Some of her videos include her eating a slab of butter or dry-aging muscle and organ meats in her refrigerator and consuming them raw afterwards.

“Eating bone marrow and other fats is what made us human,” she explained. “If you don’t eat healthy fat, then your body will have to produce it. And that’s what causing the problem. The fat in our body is never a good thing. That means there’s something wrong there. That’s where the toxins are. There’s inflammation there.”

Conlu defines “healthy” fat as saturated animal fat obtained from cheese, eggs, meats and fatty fish: “[It’s] real fat that our ancestors consumed for millennia, our evolutionary diet.”

Having been a vegetarian for 20 years, she believed in using food as medicine. She was always getting sick and had even suffered infertility, having had two miscarriages before birthing her now-teenage daughter.

She thought she needed to intensify her healthy diet thus she decided to go vegan. Unfortunately, this only worsened her ailments.

“I’m very fastidious when it comes to sourcing the food that I’m trying to put in my body,” she said. “I was a clean vegan, meaning everything I ate was organic, no expense spared.”

Conlu carried over this practice to her meat diet, eating only eggs from pastured chickens that fed on bugs and worms, not corn or grain. The cheese she eats is not processed, her meat is grass-fed and her fish is wild-caught.

She adds that her husband, a medical doctor at St. Luke’s Medical Center, had also adopted her all-meat diet, claiming that it eliminated his irritable bowel syndrome.

Conlu adds that she feels no need for medical help, and that her own doctor says that she does not need to see one.

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