Elias ‘Eli’ Monsale


All throughout his life, Elias “Eli” Monsale has been a shining example of a top-caliber performer in the milieus that he explored and where he thrives.

Enterprising. A visionary. Dynamic. Motivated. Enduring. Charismatic. Multi-faceted. That’s him.

Time and again, he proved his fortitude, integrity, expertise and commitment to professionalism and community service both in his public and private sector projects.

Simply say “Eli”, the name stirs up a string of tags.

A driver of real estate growth is just the tip of the iceberg.

A Super Hero and God-sent to the thousands of people whose lives he has touched and the industries he has shaped.

Monsale was one of the genius minds of the government’s National Shelter Program.

With potent partners, he steered the real property identification for housing development; negotiations with the property owners; relocation programs for squatters or occupants who will be displaced by the housing development.

He established linkages with reputable housing developers, marketing and finance groups to fast-track the processing procedure. For two decades, he made sure that at least 5,000 low-to middle-income Filipinos in Metro Manila, Calabarzon and Central Luzon got their dream houses.

As an adviser of the private sector, he introduced revolutionary reforms and initiatives. Among his crucial advice was fund sourcing incentives and other practical alternatives.

He also gained popularity because of his business philosophy that affordability, quality and efficient service define a value- for-money deal.

From being a housing czar Monsale became a manpower baron. Heeding the clamor for more job opportunities he put up a local manpower placement firm. Jobs were created for people in the countryside.

The boy from Miagao, Iloilo has gone a long way.

Monsale is the quintessential Filipino. He dreamt of hitting his stride in the big city, nonetheless, in his heart, his hometown was always part of the equation. He is a big believer in the you-owe-a-gratitude-to-your-roots.His Manila headquarters is located in Quezon City while his Panay office is in Iloilo City.

Early on, brilliance has always been his way of life. As a novice office guy, he started to show his leadership and business acumen.

He cast his sights on Manila, inspired by his formidable resolve to seek greener pastures and higher education.

True enough, he was an asset in all the companies that he worked for — emerging as a consistent topnotch salesman, producer and manager. He went on to occupy key posts in prestigious corporations.

Monsale is a businessman par excellence. A personality in his own right. His success story is fascinating and worth-emulating.

His remarkable feats are embedded in the archives of the country’s competitive real estate sector. His name is entrenched in the cultural heritage of Miagao because he is the man behind the Miagao Church Restoration in 1991 and engineering marvels in Western Visayas.

Aside from being gifted with people’s skills and a Midas Touch Monsale is also good at singing.

While in college, he clinched the third place award in the Western Visayas Institute of Technology Singing Contest. He went on to nurture his love and flair for the theater when he went to FEATI University in Manila.

Actually, Monsale’s policy has always been “you give me the stage or any platform, I will deliver with aplomb and gusto.”

His professional life and persona evoke admiration. For him, helping his countrymen acquire a decent home and job is both a profession and mission.

Elias “Eli” Monsale’s saga is legendary.

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Elias ‘Eli’ Monsale