Following is a story datelined Madrid carried by Reuters News Agency: “Spain’s top general resigned on Saturday after allegations he had received the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of priority groups, one of a number of public officials who have sparked public anger because of reports they have jumped the vaccination queue.

“Defense Minister Margarita Robles had asked General Miguel Angel Villaroya, chief of defense staff, for explanations after media reports on Friday that he had received the vaccination.

“In a statement on his resignation, the defense ministry indicated but did not explicitly state that Villaroya had had the vaccination. The general ‘never intended to take advantage of unjustifiable privileges which damaged the image of the Armed Forces and put in doubt the honor of the general,’ it said.

“It added that Villaroya ‘took decisions which he thought to be correct’ but which ‘damaged the public image of the Armed Forces’.
“Spaniards have been indignant over the queue-jumping.

“General Villarroya and other colleagues, my companion is 67, has Alzheimer’s and is blind. We are waiting for the vaccine. A clerk and a former nurse and we are in the first group. Are you more important?” tweeted a user with the handle @Marcosendra1.”

Spain, our mother country, has been one of the world’s worst-hit countries by the coronavirus with 2.5 million cases and 55,441 deaths.

But the Spaniards still keep their word of honor, or delicadeza, contrary to what we have here in our country.

When criticisms against the way he managed PhilHealth resulted in billions of losses due to rampant corruption, there were mounting calls for CEO and president Ricardo Morales to resign. Morales did not resign but eventually left the agency but not out of delicadeza but for failing health

A number of officials in the Duterte administration, including those from Davao City, who were charged with corruption refused to resign until the President was forced to fire them.

We deeply regret that delicadeza is now dead in the Philippines while other countries have continued to honor them. In Japan, for example, some officials accused of grave corruption often resort to hara-kiri to redeem their honor.

When will we ever learn to live the honorable way?

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