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Cambodia takes Asean’s rein in 2022 after Brunei hosted Asean Summit, and will appoint a new special envoy to Myanmar.

“Asean will always be there for Myanmar,” says outgoing Summit Chair Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah. “Only the people of Myanmar can fully resolve their own internal situation.”

President Duterte urges Myanmar to “engage in constructive dialogue with Asean towards peace and stability”.

Duterte also calls for the opening of Asean travel corridors and to rehabilitate region’s Covid19 pandemic-hit industry.

As Brunei relaxes its lockdown exit plans, Miloy Inoferio, longest serving Philippine Embassy Brunei employee, turns 60 on November 10. Here, 55 is retirement age.

For half of his life, “Ambassador Miloy” has been driving nine career and appointed envoys to Philippine Embassy locations in Diplomatic Enclave and two rented premises.

Inoferio came in 1992 to replace the homesick driver of lawyer Eusebio Abaquin, appointed Philippine second envoy to Brunei after EDSA revolution. Abaquin moved Embassy from Kota Batu to more accessible Jalan Tutong, one mile from city center.


Drove Ambassador Juan Saez to Kuala Belait Civic Centre to watch University of the Philippines Madrigal Singers’ acapella performance.
Transported Ambassador Ramon Tirol to Borneo Bulletin,120 kms from capital, to visit two Filipino editors.

Sent Ambassador Enrique Zaldivar to Empire Hotel where he hosted Citizen Cory Aquino’s dinner with Filipinas married to Bruneians.

Conveyed Ambassador Virginia H. Benavidez to the most number of Hari Raya “open houses” to celebrate end of Ramadan fasting month.

Brought Ambassador Alexander Yano to meet Tutong District Officer, who remembered Ambassador Benavidez’s famed moist chocolate cake Miloy delivered.

Ferried Ambassador Nestor Z. Ochoa to Belait’s Seria oil town where son Migo won the Panaga golf tournament. Nobody aced luxury cars offered as hole-in-one prizes.

Moved Ambassador Meynardo LB Montealegre to official and diplomatic functions.

Took Ambassador Christopher Montero to meet pioneer Filipinos in Penanjong, Tutong, whom he encouraged to document their professional contributions before and after host country’s independence.

“We invite you (OFWs) to document your journeys and stories for a commemorative publication as 75th birthday gift for His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei next year (2021),” Montero said.

Hosting “empowered Filipino women” married to Bruneians at Embassy merienda, “you are permanent bridges of harmony and goodwill between countries,” he said.

Guests included Filipinas married to Brunei’s former ambassadors to the United Nations in New York, Datin Juliana, and Maria Latif, and Honorary Consul to Sweden Nur Judy Abdullah.

In August, “a work in progress” is this legacy book Montero bequeathed “for his successor to continue.” He flew home September 15, 2020
Stranded in Brunei when Covid closed its border last August 2020, a retiree-couple who spent holiday time, effort and personal money working on unfinished legacy OFW book, goes home emptied.

Commission on Appointments confirmed September 4, 2021 as ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Brunei Marian Jocelyn Tirol-Ignacio.
Waiting for his 10th diplomat to chauffeur in 29 years, 12th “Ambassador” Miloy Inoferio fondles the Mercedes Benz steering wheel.

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