Christ’s death defeats Satan


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Junco

More than a month away, the Holy Week will be remembered again approximately by 2.5 billion Christians all over the world, a yearly commemoration to the arrest, trial, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

Primarily, the celebration is for the salvation of the 7.3 billion people from sins, from damnation in hell and from the clutches of Satan.

Salvation of mankind can only happen if individually as a person repents of his sins and receives Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

It is a free gift from God but Jesus Christ paid all the punishments of sins of mankind through His sinless blood poured out on the cross of Calvary 2000 years ago.

But Christ’s death and resurrection also have defeated Satan and all his minions or cohorts and His victory was given to His people “the church” to propagate the good news that Jesus Christ died, buried and rose again from the dead that whosoever believes in Him as Lord and Savior would have eternal life but to those who reject would be condemned to eternal torment.

And Satan’s defeat including his minions was manifested through Jesus and His people by commanding the demons dwelling in man’s body or even through encounters between the servants of Satan and the servants of Jesus Christ or God.

This happened in the early church or in the first century between Apostle Paul in Paphos where he ministered to the proconsul Sergius Paulus who was prevented to know and receive Jesus by a sorcerer named Elymas.

Paul anointed by the Holy Spirit rebuked Elymas and told him momentarily not to see light and immediately mist came to Elymas’ eyes and could not see to the amazement of the proconsul and the people living in that place who eventually believed the truthfulness of Paul’s message of the Lord Jesus (Acts 13).

Another encounter with Paul and the servant girl possessed by the spirit of python who could predict accurately what would lie ahead. In other words, the girl was a fortune teller and through her fortune telling his masters made money out of her.

This happened in Philippi in Northern Greece and this girl greeted Paul and Silas that they were servants of the Most High God. For several days the girl always lauded Paul and Silas but this time Paul was irritated knowing that the spirit of the girl came from Satan, then Paul commanded the evil spirit to come out from the girl and it did.

Seeing that the girl has no more power, her masters got mad at Paul and Silas and orchestrated a riot using the mob and eventually Paul and Silas were locked up in prison. But Paul and Silas instead of being distressed with the situation, they sang praises and prayers then Godsent an earthquake that caused the locked doors of the prison cell to open (Acts 16).

Even now the servants of God have authority and power to dislodge the power of Satan’s servants and even demons that possessed the bodies of men and women.

Although Satan’s final defeat when the Lord Jesus will come back on earth to judge the living and the dead along with Satan and his minions (Revelation 19-20).

This is what Lord Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection had accomplished for humanity and I urge the people who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to receive His offer of forgiveness before it is too late. His judgement is deferred waiting for the people’s repentance and belief in Him before judgment will be released.

God’s judgment to humanity does not take long but only in a short time like what He did in the time of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah as His exemplary judgment.

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