Christmas is the incarnation of Christ


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

Jesus Christ (Messiah), who is God in the Second Person of the Godhead, came to earth of His first advent is the reason for the Christmas Celebration on December 25 by the Christendom all over the world.

Though this is not the exact date as pointed out by the Bible by the Gospel of Luke in Luke 2:8-12 as there were shepherds tending the flock as the month of December in Israel was winter and no shepherds or animals like the sheep to be out from their sheep-pen at that time as it was very cold.

This was one of the religious practices by the Roman Empire incorporated by Constantine the Great, Emperor of Rome who claimed that he was a believer in Christ Jesus but actually December 25 was a pagan feast in honor of their “sun god” which celebration has been carried out till now in the Christendom.

Nevertheless, though this is a pagan celebration but since there is no other day by which Jesus—the anointed by God or Messiah and God Himself, to come to earth as a man, fully human being, and fully God, for the ultimate purpose to save humanity from damnation in the lake of fire or Hell—the Christendom celebrates on December 25 to honor Jesus Christ not the “sun god.”

In theological parlance this is called the “Incarnation of Christ” meaning that Jesus or Savior who is God came into the earth taking the form of a man. That He is totally human and fully divine. Although He is God, He strips all His powers as God but only relies on the power of the Holy Spirit through the instruction of God the Father (Philippians 2: 5-8).

The teaching of Christ’s incarnation is twisted by false philosophy in the second century known as “Gnosticism” that matter is evil and the spirit is good. Therefore, the adherents of this philosophy believe that it was not the real body of Christ but only His spirit and presto they deny Christ’s incarnation and resurrection.

Apostle John countered them by correcting this false or wrong teaching instead he accused them that they have the spirit of antichrist as Christ Himself is entirely human and fully God based on their experience with Him, His teaching, example, and life and the Scriptures (1John 2:18-23).

This philosophy is still around today as many don’t believe that Jesus Christ is God but man only and there are others who refuse to trust Jesus as God has no Son.

Perhaps, they don’t read Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel of John in John chapters 14 to 16 about God the Father, Himself as a Son and the Holy Spirit, three persons in the Godhead but only one God.

They have not even read the Old Covenant or Old Testament and the New Testament that the only requirement of God to restore and forgive mankind’ sins are through the precious and sinless blood of Jesus the Messiah and without the shedding of His blood there is no forgiveness of sins (Hebrews 9:11-22).

All lawlessness are sins and the sins of humanity require Christ death on the cross to shed His blood as a covering for all sins of humankind.

There are two-pronged things that Jesus did for humanity when He was incarnated and died on the cross: Advocate and Propitiation. Advocate in the sense that He pleads to God the Father to forgive our sins and becomes our propitiation when He offers His body to nullify the sins of mankind.

This is what Christmas is all about Jesus Christ (Messiah) as God came to earth of His first coming or advent taking the form of a man to save humanity from Hell, from the enslavement of sin, from the power of Satan and from the kingdom of darkness.

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