Christians love, support Israel


The SHEPHERD | Danilo Q. Junco

Approximately 10 million believers have expressed their undying love and support for Israel or the Jewish people as God loves them despite some of them being stubborn and rebellious against Him.

They are the apple of God’s eyes and whoever touches them they are touching the eyes of God. It is very clear in the history of all nations all over the world that those nations which oppress or fight against them, God ultimately punish those nations.

Though God uses other nations to judge the Jewish people when they breach their covenant with Him like worshiping images or idols, engaging in divination, witchcraft, occult, among others but through His covenant with their patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob He has to spare some of them called the remnants and bring back to the land Israel which He has given them after they paid or exacted the punishment.

I mention this because just recently our nation voted against Israel at the United Nations Council, according to Hananya Naftali.

The votes were intended to neutralize Israel for evicting the so-called Palestinians living in East Jerusalem which the Jews considered as sacred where the two temples were built before they were destroyed by the invaders.

The Jewish national government too wants to get that parcel of land that it belongs to like Gaza and other parts in Israel.

The problem started in 1922 when the late Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill partitioned the land by giving the 76 percent to Arabs in what was called Transjordan which is now called Jordan. This happened after World War 1 when the League of Nations designated Great Britain to provide homes to the Jews but on the contrary Winston gave it to Arabs and no Jews could stay in this place.

After World War II, the allied nations led by the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Australia appointed the United Nations tasked to monitor the nations in the hope that if there were offenses or misunderstandings should be resolved peaceably instead of going to war.

The UN, however, partitioned again the remaining 24 percent of Israel’s land to the so-called Palestinians and what was left to the Jewish people were the 12percent and the land was as big as Palawan.

According to God’s Word in Joel 3:1-2, He will punish those nations that divided His land given to the Jews. Nations like Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medes-Persia, Greece, Rome, among others were punished by God although some of these nations or empires are still here but have lost their glory and power.

We have to heed God’s words so we will not be punished by God once He will unleash His judgment on earth.

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