Alternative sources of energy


AS IT STANDS | Roman Floresca

With the high cost of energy today we have no choice but to cut down our consumption of electricity. Switch off that light when nobody is around.

Yes, it seems a very trivial matter to talk about energy consumption these days when we seem to have a lot of everything. And electricity is certainly one of those things we have plenty of. But we must be aware that things can and will change. And yet we continue to act as if things are permanent.

Let’s take for instance energy from the sun. Referred to as solar, this energy is supposedly one of the cheapest once it’s fully developed. As it is right now solar is becoming very popular especially among those whose electric bills go high up.

Solar panels have proven to be a great investment for a couple who have seen their bills go down from a high of almost P80,000 a month to a low of P30,000 a month.

Solar panels make a good investment for a normal family as it lowers their electricity bill. Imagine your home where every room is air-conditioned. It is not difficult to imagine how high your electric bills would be each month.
Business has been booming as more and more families tend to have their homes installed with solar power so as to lower their electricity bills.

The sector has spent several years cutting the cost of solar power and now it is focusing on making panels even more powerful.

Better components are being built and more sophisticated designs are being employed to generate more electricity from the same-sized solar farms.
And how about wind energy? It is also a very friendly alternative. A recent news item has quoted AC Energy Corp. as saying that it started the construction of its wind farm project in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. It will be the biggest wind farm in the country.

The wind farm will employ 32 of the latest wind turbines to be supplied by Siemens Gamesa.

This does not take into consideration other energy sources such as tidal ebbs and flows or the movement of tides.

So let us all be wise in our use of electricity that we all have a bright future.

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